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How to uninstall WordPress in cPanel

Hey There! In this blog, I will talk about How to uninstall WordPress in cPanel.

There were many cases in which you might have to uninstall your WordPress installation from your hosting cPanel, but most of the beginners don’t know how to do so…and that’s why here is a step-by-step guide to help you out with your problem 🙂

How to uninstall WordPress in cPanel

In order to uninstall WordPress from your cPanel, you have to follow this step-by-step guide! There is a video tutorial also at the bottom of this page, Have fun 🙂

[Step #1] – Login to cPanel

cPanel Login Pannel

The first thing you’ll have to do in order to uninstall WordPress in cPanel is to log in to your cPanel.

If you know your cPanel login username and password, then you can directly login to your cPanel by entering your domain with /cpanel suffix in your browser. (

In case you don’t have your cPanel login details, you can simply log in to your hosting provider and then access your cPanel from there!

[Step #2] – Click on Installatron Applications Installer

Pointing to click on Installatron Applications Installer to Uninstall the WordPress installation in cpanel

Once you logged in to your cPanel, you have to scroll and find Installatron Applications Installer or any other Software/Application Installer.

If you can’t able to find it, just search it using the Search Bar available on your cPanel Dashboard.

[Step #3] Select your WordPress Installation

Pointing to (X) symbol for uninstall the wordpress installation in cpanel

If you followed the previous step and clicked on the Applications Installer, then you’re seeing a list of WordPress Installations present on your hosting/cPanel/Server.

Now, you have click on the (X) sign next to the WordPress Installation you want to Uninstall.

If you have only one WordPress installation on your cPanel, you probably seeing only one WordPress installation.

[Step #4] Click on Uninstall

Pointing to Uninstall Button for WordPress Uninstallation in cPanel

Once you click on (X) button according to the previous step, a new page will open where you’ll have to click on the “Uninstall Button” in order to uninstall WordPress in cPanel.

After clicking on the Uninstall button, your WordPress installation is successfully uninstalled and you can begin installing a new WordPress on your site or any other software.

It’s so simple but in case you’re a beginner and can’t able to understand the steps shown above, I’ve something for you 🙂

Here is a video tutorial which will guide you to this whole process step-by-step :

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